Who We Are

Giving Young Girls an Opportunity to Learn Music since 1965

In 1965, because their daughter and other girls were only allowed to march behind the Hornchurch Drum and Trumpet Corps (an all boys band) as majorettes, Alf and Sylvia Smith from Hornchurch in Essex decided to form an all girls marching band.

Over the years the band then went from strength to strength, going from a one song routine to a huge repertoire and various displays under their belt. The girls had a major impact at various levels in National Competitions and now regularly compete at the highest level in TYMBA contests. 

As the girls had such a strong connection with Havering the band were part of official festivities when the county was twinned with Ludwigshafen, Germany in the early 70's. The twinning also created a wonderful relationship with a German Band, a connection that is still going to this day.

The band are often invited to perform in various shows across the UK and Europe and have performed in:

  • Norway

  • Germany

  • Holland

  • Belgium

  • France (DisneyLand Paris)

As well as being in various music videos including the Inspiral Carpets and Enya and adverts too. The latest being the Mulberry Christmas Advert 2018, the 12 days of Christmas (look out for our feet / drums!)​.